Matt Tucker

What We're Working On

Blog Post created by Matt Tucker Champion on Oct 30, 2008

Gato and I are sitting together drinking beers and hacking on Ignite code. After a hiatus (too long), we're both back to working on Smack and Openfire weekly. As I'm writing this, Gato is doing some super low level Java debugging to figure out a strange XML parsing error that we're seeing when running the Smack test cases. Assuming we get to the bottom of the problem, we plan to package up and release a new beta release of Smack. It includes lots of great improvements, but I'll leave the details for the next blog post. We have several goals around our weekly hackathons:


  1. Jump start software releases -- it's time to get more regular releases of all the projects going again.
  2. Recruit and empower community leaders -- there's already a large number of people in the Ignite community doing some amazing work on the code. Now it's time to equip them with the tools to be as effective as possible and to let them take on more explicit leadership roles.
  3. Have some fun -- hence the beer


We're looking forward to demonstrating progress and to keeping the Ignite projects at the forefront of the XMPP world.