Release date for 3.5.0 moved

Blog Post created by jadestorm Champion on Mar 4, 2008

Our original release date for Openfire 3.5.0 was slated for this Thursday, March 6th.  However, it is important that this release be available alongside Clearspace 2.0, whose release date is slated for the end of March or early April.  As a result, we will be holding off the Openfire 3.5.0 release until it can be released at the same time as Clearspace 2.0.  We're very excited about the improvements in the ease of integration between Openfire and Clearspace, as well as the number of other new features and fixes coming in 3.5.0, and we believe it will be worth the wait!  =)  None-the-less, we apologize for the delay!