Matt Tucker

Happy New Year!

Blog Post created by Matt Tucker Champion on Jan 3, 2008

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and had a great New Year. Welcome to 2008! Believe it or not, it was just about one year ago that we launched There's been an amazing amount of growth in the community since then and a huge number of product releases and accomplishments. To list out a few:


  • The super popular gateway plugin was released

  • First Sparkweb released and much progress since then

  • Clustering support in Openfire Enterprise

  • Smack 3.0

  • Numerous Spark releases

  • Many, many improvements to Openfire including huge scalability gains and leading support for XMPP secure certificates


Those of you that track Jive Software know that 2007 was our first year of Clearspace. Clearspace has been hugely successful and has let us grow rapidly.


What's in store this year? There's lots more exciting product work, including a big focus around bringing Openfire and Clearspace closer together. Many thanks to everyone that's been a part of community. We're looking forward to working with you throughout the year.