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Jivin' Gateways and More!

Posted by jadestorm Champion Nov 11, 2007

You may or may not already be aware that I have been a full time member of the Jive family for a couple of weeks now!  It's been quite interesting to see how different it is from my previous job in a university setting.  It's been a lot of fun already and it's really exciting to have turned my favorite hobby into a career.  =)  My coworkers are great and I almost find myself wondering why I didn't do this earlier. 


So what am I going to be doing?  Well, the development of the IM Gateway plugin is part of my job now.  We'll be setting solid goals and release dates instead of it being dependent entirely on my free time.  That and Openfire are my main focuses.  I'm really excited about playing a more direct role in Openfire development!  One of my first tasks will be to improve the unix installers for Openfire.  They have been lacking love for a while now and I have a strong unix background to bring to the table.  In one of the next releases of Openfire we'll have improved packages, unix scripts, and better support for more operating system distributions.  Overall, good things to come!  =)


You may have heard that I have taken over as lead developer of Spark.  It's been a long time since I have been involved in client development and I actually miss it.  My very first XMPP related project was a client.  Now, as you've heard from the Ignite Realtime post preceding this one, Spark is a low priority.  My focus with it in terms of work with Jive is bug fixes, maintenance, and paying customer requirements.  Beyond that, I'll likely be working on it on my own time when I need a change of pace.  I am a Mac user primarily, so you may see more Mac focused fixes at first.  If nothing else I'm going to make sure Spark is something I enjoy using, which coincides to a lot of things that the community has reported/requested anyway.    I highly encourage folk who are interested to submit patches!  The only caveat is that for patches of any size, I'll need you to sign contributor agreements, if you haven't already.


Now, since I'm involved in more than just the IM Gateway plugin now, I can't keep up with the forums as much as I did before.  I try to spend some time each day looking over the forums, but with more than just the single forum, it's too much to keep up with entirely.  Dawn is working hard on coming up with good ways to involve the community more and try to make sure things don't get missed!  She has been speaking on this in the Jive Lounge, so please visit the lounge and contribute if you have some thoughts!


Anyway, I wanted to make sure folk understood that my role has changed and wave hi from within Jive!  =)  Any questions?

Matt Tucker

Our Client Strategy

Posted by Matt Tucker Champion Oct 31, 2007

So, what's up with Spark? Many of you have commented on the fact that the pace of development has slowed and that Derek is less present in the community. Now that a major new version of SparkWeb is out, it seems like a good time to provide a more detailed status report on everything happening around client development.


First up, an announcement: Derek has taken a new position (Sales Engineer) inside of Jive. So far he seems to be loving it, but I'll let him comment on this blog post with further details. Unfortunately, that means that Spark has lost its lead developer. For the time being, other team members have stepped in to help out. We're committed to providing bug fixes and minor new fixes to Spark for the foreseeable future. It remains one of the best cross-platform XMPP clients available.


Since Spark development is slowing down, what's next? Most of Jive's XMPP client efforts are now focused on the web via the SparkWeb Flash client. We're using the same technology base to add real-time features to Clearspace. Further, the upcoming Adobe Air technology offers the intriguing possibility of building a new desktop client using Flash. To us, it all seems like the perfect triple play -- a single code base that can be used for Sparkweb, Clearspace features and a new Spark desktop client. Only Sparkweb is ready so far, but you'll see new real-time features in Clearspace soon and we'll keep everyone updated on a desktop client based on Adobe Air.


Change isn't always easy and I'm sure that some of you will be disappointed to hear that our approach to how we build Spark is changing. There may be some rough spots as we move from one technology to another, but we're pretty excited about where things are headed.

Gaston Dombiak

Openfire Unleashed

Posted by Gaston Dombiak Champion Oct 31, 2007

Openfire is the award-winning instant messaging server known for its simplicity, elegance, performance and extensibility. With each new major release, scalability has been improved; however, being able to scale a lot without redundancy or high availability poses a risk to every connected user if the single server goes down.


After many months of work that risk is now part of the history. Openfire Enterprise 3.4.0 provides support for clustering. Clustering will let you run Openfire on several machines serving the same XMPP domain. Clustering can be enabled with just one click from the admin console. Machines running Openfire Enterprise will automatically meet between them to form a cluster. With clustering you not only get high availability but also improved scalability. In our internal load tests, we got more than half a million concurrent connections sending lots of packets in a cluster of just 2 nodes.


Another nice addition to Openfire Enterprise is SparkWeb. Users can now connect to the server and chat from your website. Read the SparkWeb: Next Generation blog post for more information.


On the open source side we also have excellent news. More than 30 new features and more than 30 bugs were fixed. Personal Eventing via Pubsub was added so you can now publish your geo-location, music you are listening to and let subscribers be alerted.  From the admin console you can manage users roster. Moreover, it is now possible to retrieve photos from LDAP and use them as users avatars. The complete set of changes can be found here.


You can download Openfire from here. Openfire Enterprise can be downloaded from here.




Openfire Team

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