Matt Tucker

Eating Our Own Dog Food

Blog Post created by Matt Tucker Champion on May 30, 2007

We (Jive Software) launched Clearspace X just about one month ago, our external community software product that combines discussions, wiki documents and blogging. [As an aside, we provide free Clearspace X licenses to Open Source projects.] So, why aren't we using it here on yet? There's lots of good excuses, but we've been hard at work on the migration and it will happen soon. What will the change to Clearspace X mean?

  • The same discussions functionality we have with Jive Forums, but with an updated UI.

  • Migration of the blog engine to the Clearspace platform (this will be fairly transparent).

  • A rich new set of functionality around wiki documents. We're already planning lots of great content.

We're looking forward to the new features and to getting your feedback on them. I'll post more migration details in the forums soon.