Matt Tucker

Openfire Name Launched

Blog Post created by Matt Tucker Champion on Mar 15, 2007

  Today we re-launched Wildfire using the Openfire name. Along with the name change, we also have a great new logo. I wanted to provide some details about how the name change is being implemented to decrease confusion.


First, you'll notice that all website content has been updated to Openfire. There may be a few broken links still, so if you notice anything please let us know. We're also reaching out to external sites that still use the old Wildfire name and asking them  to make updates.


The product releases will work as follows:

  • 3.2.x series: these releases will continue to use the Wildfire name so that critical bug fixes can be delivered with minimal hassle to existing users. In fact, we're releasing 3.2.3 today.

  • 3.3.x series: starting with 3.3.0, the server is called Openfire. There will be a small amount of upgrade pain associated with this release since configuration files like wildfire.xml will now be openfire.xml, etc. We'll be releasing 3.3.0 beta early next week, with a final release following as soon as we can ensure the upgrade process is as smooth as possible.

Again, my deep thanks to everyone for all the support you've given us during the name change process. A lot of the hard work is already out of the way at this point, so now it's time to spread the word as much as possible!