Sean Voisen

XIFF 3 Beta in Subversion, Official Release Coming Soon

Blog Post created by Sean Voisen Champion on Mar 5, 2007

For all you Flex developers and Flash fans looking to create XMPP-enabled applications with Actionscript 3, an updated (and clean) version of the XIFF 3 Beta code can now be found in the XIFF Subversion repository.  Once we finish testing, working on the documentation, and cleaning up a few odds and ends, we plan to have an official public beta release.  Currently, the new code has been tested on both jabberd and Openfire and works great.


Due to the sheer magnitude of the refactoring involved in converting all the code to use E4X, we are keeping the existing XML parsing architecture.  This is good news for any developers familiar with XIFF's extension support, because it essentially works the same as before and parsing is still plenty fast.  Plus, the great thing about Actionscript 3 and AVM2 is the new binary socket, which means no more clunky server workarounds to support socket connections from Flash.


Nick, Greg and the rest of the team at Lymabean have been working hard on this port to Actionscript 3 over the last few months.  A big thanks to them for making a Flex-compatible version of XIFF a reality.