My Spark Update

Blog Post created by ddman on Feb 15, 2007

After coding night and day for a while,  I sometimes forget that people need some help getting setup with some of our new features.  It's always a balancing act between development, forums and writing up documentation for all this good stuff we've been coding up. Trust me, I have Matt and Greg always coming to me asking when I'm going to do my next blog post, and the answer is always, "It's coming soon." Code, code, code, code, code, code, code.  Anyhow, since I've just finished up the latest round of Spark 2.5.0 Beta releases , I thought it would be good idea to write up a Spark Phone How-To Guide.


Aside from that, some new things in the latest beta.....

  1. MAC Fixes:  This has always been an issue with our Spark releases, largely for two reasons. The first one being that I do all my      development on Windows (I use the command prompt constantly though. It's a kind of throw back to my old DOS days).  The second one is that to really get that OSX experience, I needed an OSX guru to      hammer on Spark for hours on end. Fortunately, one of those two problems has been taking care of in the form of David Smith. The guy is a highly skilled developer already, and really is a pleasure to have here at Jive. And.... he really knows his OSX stuff.

  2. Vcard Caching: For a really sweet client, we feel it's important to      use the right information about each of your contacts, and the vCard is perfect for it. However, besides doing caching in memory during runtime, we would always be burdened with doing network calls on each startup anytime we wanted to know anything about the user.       Fortunately, we came upon a great way to do local caching of the vCard, and hopefully you will all notice a 'slight' performance improvement.

  3. Drag and Drop Support For Conference Invitations: So, I don't know how many      of you have had contact with my boss Matt, but one of the things you will notice about him is that he really doesn't stray from what he wants.  So because of his most amazing perseverance, I have finally found a little bit of time to add drag and drop of contact items into Conference rooms to invite them in. Give it a shot, it's a nice, smooth experience.


Well, Matt just IM'ed me to fix something, enjoy!