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Release News: the Beta Wave

Blog Post created by Matt Tucker Champion on Feb 1, 2007

We've been heads-down for the past couple of months, hard at work on major new functionality for Wildfire and Spark. I'm happy to announce the first major wave of releases (in early access form):


Wildfire 3.2.0 Release Candidate 2


Highlights (or see full changelog and download):

  • Massive scalability enhancements. We've tested 30,000 concurrent connections on a single Wildfire box.

  • HTTP-Bind support.

  • All-new security certificate management.

  • Improved Mac OS X installer and management tools.

  • Numerous bug fixes.



Enterprise Plug-in 3.2.0 Release Candidate 2


Highlights (or see full changelog and download):

  • VoIP SIP client in Spark, with server-side client registration and management, including call reporting.

  • SparkWeb (see below).

  • Many Fastpath improvements.

VoIP support marks a major evolution in functionality as we move from instant messaging to real-time collaboration. SIP support is a commercial feature for integration with existing PBX systems, and in the near future we'll be ready to announce Jingle support as Open Source.


Announcing SparkWeb


!! The power and elegance of Spark, delivered through pure HTML and Ajax. SparkWeb is a Wildfire Enterprise (commercial) feature and today we're announcing the first public preview. Testing has primarily been done with Firefox up to this point, so support for IE, Opera and Safari is experimental.


In the near future, the Javascript library that SparkWeb is based on will be released as Open Source. The HTTP Bind implementation that powers the back-end is a standard component of Wildfire 3.2. You can view a live demo of SparkWeb on (you'll need to register an account on ignite with a different account to get in). In the near future, we'll have a plugin download available for testing on your own server.


Spark 2.5.0 Beta 1


Highlights (or see full changelog and download):

  • Enhanced look and feel.

  • Adium emoticon pack support

  • Improved notifications - know who's coming and going.

  • Improved Memory handling and speed.

  • Drag and drop of transferred files.

  • Buzz feature.

*Message Styles Specification


For the past several months, Adium engineer David Smith has been working as an intern here at Jive Software. He's helped make all our software more Mac friendly -- new builds for Wildfire and Spark so far, with many more Spark improvements coming soon. He's also been working on an open specification for message styles, a very cool feature that will be coming to Spark soon. The first version of the specification was published today.


Adium message styles allow the look of the message window to be totally customized, a feature that users love. By defining an open specification, multiple IM clients will be able to share message style implementations -- so, the same theme that works in Adium will also work in Spark and possibly other clients. All the Mac users here at Jive are big fans of Adium (especially given its support for XMPP),  so we're excited about this project as a way for the two products to work together. In related news, Adium 1.0 is about to be released, so check it out if you're a Mac user.


More Soon...


We're just getting warmed up with these beta releases, so look for more announcements soon!